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All About Developing a Good IT Disaster Recovery Plan.

Research shows that sixty percent of the companies affected by a cyber attack will go down in about six months. This is not a fate any business person wishes for. Despite this, very few companies take cybersecurity seriously or anything to do with IT. If your company does not have a current disaster recovery strategy then you are putting your firm at risk. You should go ahead and review your disaster recovery policy to understand what you may be accidentally overlooking or the mistakes you may be making so that you can do better. As long as your backup plan is inaccessible, it will not help you when the time comes. Do not let what you see in movies influence you into believing that the disaster recovery plans for your network should be a secret. Make sure your team is let in on this. Ensure the decision on where these plans should be at all the time is made by the entire team. Bear in mind that even the plans which have been thought through can still fail. Many will overlook the basics but this is usually the cause of the downfalls. You should have the plans in prints and you can store them on USB keys. You do not know where you will be in case of a natural disaster which is why you need a copy to be stored outside the office.

After coming up with the disaster recovery plan, some people think that is all there is but it is hardly the truth. You need to test whether the plan works or not. You need to go all the way in testing and not just the initial steps. It is not just about recovering some data but rather all the data. You will prepare better when you are well informed instead of learning the shortcomings of the plan when the worst has already happened. It will be easier for you to handle the existing gaps after you have tested your disaster recovery plan. Because new tools and technology are released over time, you need to ensure the plan you have takes them into account too. Cybercriminals will hunt down the newest technology to complete the attacks which is why using outdated software will not work and the only option is for you to keep your software updated to give you a fighting chance. The best thing you can do for your firm when it comes to disaster recovery is customizing the plan. Do not just pick what the next firm has and be done with it. Identify your unique needs and develop your plan based on that. Be as unique and specific in addressing the security threats as possible. This is essential when you are doing it all on your own. Also, stay away from basic IT companies who are after selling you standard security plans.