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Best Medical TV shows to Binge

Medical TV shows stand out from any other entertainment content that you will find airing, it combines a touch of romance, mystery, drama and action making them a must watch for many people when they can spare some time. Medical TV shows are in their numbers today and if you are not decisive you, might have a hard time settling for one to entertain yourself with. there are online reviews that tend to help people with deciding which medical TV show to pass some time with and friends as well who have done more watching than you have. The following medical TV shows will make your watching worthwhile.

General hospital has to be the longest airing shows of all time being on air for fifty six years now. Being the success that it has been, General hospital is responsible for the launching and the success of other medical shows that are still airing as well. This medical TV show is more like a soap opera that has its setting in a hospital because there is a lot of fights, love triangles and drama. The fourteen thousand episodes that are out will keep you going for a long time before you catch up. You also have Greys Anatomy if you are up to date with General hospital, you can binge watch this show as well if you have the time to kill. Another unique thing with Greys Anatomy is that the crew is very diverse. Another great medical TV show that is worth binge watching is House which has topped the charts more than once. The lead doctor will be the most unlikable person but he is one of the most treasured characters on TV in the modern day.

The show has won a lot of awards and nominations and as you binge watch you will discover why. If the drama in medical shows gives you a thrill like no other then you need to watch Childrens Hospital that has story lines where doctors and the patients are going through similar experiences. Scrub will also appeal to you if you are looking for something that is light, unlike the TV shows that will be going deep into anatomy or be filled with romance , this one has a central bearing. Private practice is another one that falls into the category of crediting its launch to the existence of another great show, Greys Anatomy. For Private practice you will only enjoy up to 2013 because it was cancelled. With this one drama is what you find in abundance so dont expect a lot of comedy. The great thing with the choices is that you get a lot of episodes so you can watch till you drop.