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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

Due to the fact that most people lack legal expertise, there are various questions they ask regarding marriages, some are for individual cases but others keep coming up every now and then. This article outlines frequently divorce fags and their responses.

Are there chances of reaching to terms of divorce verbally? If the world was ideal, each would mean what they promise hence not making anybody to be worried. However, this is impossible in this world. While talking about the terms of divorce can seem productive, what you agree upon are not legally binding till the two of you put them in writing. Until there is an agreed-upon record of divorce that aligns with what the law stipulates, there is no means of enabling the court to ensure the terms are observed.

Is it possible to stop divorce proceedings once they have started? It is possible to stop a divorce while it is in progress. However, it can happen when you and your spouse have not filed any written contract and the judge has not finalized any decree. In case you see it to your benefit to terminate the process before it can be completed, make sure you file a petition so that the divorce gets dismissed. You should be fully settled that this is what you want then inform your lawyer soonest possible to avoid complications.

Is self-representation an option is should consider? Although it is possible for you to represent yourself in a case of divorce, avoid doing so. It is not a good idea because there is much at stake, which is children, assets, and property, among others. You are likely to lose much than the money you save by representing yourself due to the complexity of a divorce. On top of you not possessing what reaching to a satisfactory resolution takes, you also have to bear the burden of the confusing divorce issues as well as handle a stressful family life and do your daily job.

How does a court determine the legal fees payment? There are many factors that are used to determine the much a divorce costs and the person that will pay for the expenses, for example earning of every spouse, the necessity of litigation, the amount each spouse earns, the years the marriage has lasted, financial stability of each, and more. Uncontested divorces are less costly compared to contested divorces. When possible, both spouses are needed to cover their respective legal expenses but if not, the court may order the highly paid spouse to meet a portion of the spouses legal fees. You can also liquidate assets to pay for legal fees.