We Are Planning to Retire in the Country That We Vacation in Each Year

Some people travel all the time. So, picking a travel destination isn’t always hard for them because they know that they have plenty of time to go on vacations when they want to. While my wife and I run a business and make good money, we also don’t have a lot of time to pick up and leave on a whim. We ended up looking at Mykonos villas by Mykonosestates.com to choose a place to rent for a much-needed vacation. We were originally not sure which country we would go to until several people recommended that we go to Greece. After visiting just once, we realized that we wanted to buy a place there afterward.

My spouse and I started a business in our garage 15 years ago. When we started the business, both of us were young enough that we didn’t really think about the possibility of failure. We had a new baby, and we knew that we needed to do something that would allow us to take care of our new child without a lot of struggling financially. Working out of our garage in the beginning meant that my wife could stay home with our new child, while I work all throughout the day. Each day, I handled talking to customers on the phone, fielding customer service calls, etc. In the evening, she handled ordering materials and sending out orders to our customers.

We feel that we have some great employees now who can handle taking care of the business while we get away for a couple of weeks each year. We fell in love with Greece after our first trip there. As mentioned, we decided to purchase a villa there. Every year without fail, we now go there and stay in our place. The rest of the year, a property management company handles renting it out to many tourists who come to stay there. We miss it when we are not there, and we are now talking about living there full time when we retire in the future.