Loveworld USA Will Bring The Work Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome To The U.S.

The launch of the Loveworld USA Christian TV network will finally see the arrival of some of the world’s leading Pastors in the U.S. after they have become popular across many different parts of the world. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be one of the flagship religious leaders for the newly launched TV station as he has already become a major success as a religious leader from his base in his home nation of Nigeria; working with his Christ Embassy ministry, Pastor Oyakhilome has been using many different forms of media in a bid to make sure the people of the world have access to the best possible Christian teachings through his Christian Satellite Network, which broadcasts to various parts of the African continent and portions of the U.K.

Chris Oyakhilome has been a major part of the religious landscape on the continent of Africa for a number of years after starting his ministry and eventually becoming the founder of three separate TV channels broadcasting across the continent. Pastor Oyakhilome even established a live events channel for his many live appearances that have so far taken him to South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria within Africa, and to the U.K. where his following continues to grow with each passing day. A successful author, Pastor Oyakhilome has written a number of self help books that have been praised for showing individuals how to live happy successful lives in a way that respects the teachings of God.

The launch of Loveworld USA comes at a time when the religious workings of the world are becoming more popular across the U.S. where Oyakhilome has seen his profile rise on a regular basis. The work of the Christ Embassy ministry will form part of the new television network operated through California based cable provider Spectrum, which will provide U.S. based viewers with access to the many different live events and special programs created by Pastor Oyakhilome, Pastor Benny Hinn, and a number of other Pastors working in many different areas of the world.

The three TV stations already operated by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will provide some of the programming for the Loveworld USA network, including the flagship daily show of the Christ Embassy, “Atmosphere for Miracles”. Pastor Chris has always been an innovator for the people of the world who wish to view his work as a religious leader through the medium of television, which is provided across the continent of Africa through the Christian Satellite Network. The station will not solely focus on the programming created by Pastor Oyakhilome, but will also feature the shows developed by Pastor Benny Hinn, such as the successful “This is your Day” show featuring Pastor Hinn. Chris Oyakhilome is also keen to feature as many different religious teachers and musicians as possible on the Loveworld USA network and has promised events and shows will be broadcast from Ministers Marilyn Hickey and Rod Parsley.