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How to Build Your Team

If the organization is large enough, most of these people may not even know each other. You do not have to worry especially if you are new to that organization, that chance will always come up when you meet and interact with everyone in the organization, be it the director or the cleaner.Team building are activities that have been put together to enable a team, whether sport, military. school, or doctors work together to provide the best results.

It is during that time when team members are able to bond. There is a common phrase, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so if you are in the top level management always encourage your directors to allow staff the team building time, it is always very helpful, at the same time this is something that can be done in the office or out of the office even on a weekend.As the name suggests, in team building, people work as a team.

A team cannot be a team if it is just one person involved.For a team building activity to be effective, there must be a leader. When you are also assigned the role to become a leader of say 20 members, there is no time to shy away, you take up the role and lead your members in that activity, you never feel intimidated and by the time the activity is over you are more confident than you were before.

Once the team building activity is over and staff or student go back to their office or classes, there is always a positive energy that is brought back to the office or class. It is during the team building activities when participants learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, capabilities and fears and somehow you realize that maybe you are not the only one who fears doing this or that, you stop feeling intimidated.Being a team member or a team leader entails so many roles. Not all organizations frequently do team building activities, others never engage their staff in team building activities at all.

Every company has its vision, mission and values, that is part of its culture. The organizational management will then review each one of them and perhaps depending on what the teams came up with they can settle at one they feel will work for them. Each and every team member gets a chance to give their view on a problem challenge given. It all depends on what you want your teams to bring out.If you are stuck as a company on the various challenges to give to your teams during a team building activity, do not worry as the internet has so many examples of challenges to keep the teams on their toes.

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