Practical and Helpful Tips: Competitions

Guide to Getting into a Juried Art Show

When it comes to art competitions, expect a fierce one. Juried art shows are an attraction to artists, and most artists want to be a part of this but the spots have to be contended for and only a limited number of artists are chosen for this. And these places are much coveted by every artist. A group of artists are the ones who decide who will have a spot in this art shows. You will not be seen or known by the jury. You work and your application are the only things that the jury will know about you. You bring along your art work as auditions for these art shows. Artists are disqualified despite their being very talented for not complying with what is required. And juries, instead of accepting your application or audition would say no instead. Below are some tips in helping your get an advantage over the others.

The first thing you have to remember is you only apply for shows that will fit your work. If you are not really excited about the show, then you don’t have to enter for the sake of entering. If the art show is something that you are really passionate about then you should submit work related to that show.

So if you are an abstract painter, you don’t apply for a show on portrait making. The jury can see by the works that you submit that you are not really into portrait painting and so increases your chances of disqualification.

You should try hiring a professional photographer. Many artists try to shoot slides and digital images themselves for these juried shows. Digital photography can be very easy when it comes to making slides and images. If you do it yourself, this can backfire.

An inexperienced photographer can place the camera is a position which is not good for the image. You might be able to include other images shown in the photograph instead to taking the pieces alone. The jury will know that this is not your best work because you have made an amateur mistake.

Every detail in the application is important so make sure to follow it. In addition to your image of slides, send whatever things are asked for in your application.

You have to complete your application and submit the number of work that is required.

If there is a request for a number of work pieces, then you should not submit less or more than what is required.

You can put yourself ahead of the game by following these tips.