How To Successfully Sell Your Music Online

Over a span of few years, the contemporary music industry has been revolutionised to such an extent where a start-up, unsigned artist as well as a recognised, signed artist or band can upload and get their tracks across the world and ultimately across their prospective fans, through major renowned music stores. The transformation of the music industry is a huge contribution of independent music distributors such as MusicDigi which enables unsigned artists possessing immense talent without the need of a major label, to eventually land their tracks on platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and countless other music platforms. However, such artists first need to acquire knowledge about how to sell music online.

how to sell music online

Role of Music Distribution Companies
A music distribution company facilitates unsigned musicians and bands to quickly earn money through their talent by merely acting as a mediator and allowing their music to be released on online music stores like Amazon, Spotify and iTunes. Independent Artists are only required to pay a trivial fee for uploading their music through these distribution companies and further map out their release program while merely enjoying the perks of visualising their records streaming on the most popular online music platforms.

Know Your Game Well – Choose Independent Distributors Wisely
There are a considerable amount of elements that you need to consider while choosing a music distributor. First and foremost; consider which company will be able to provide you a 100% of your revenues as collected online. Once that is sorted, then confirm that your preferred music distribution company is allowing you access to additional tools such as iTunes Pre-order, Spotify windowing, and universal chart registration. Competent music distributors tend to provide these services because these are essential in advancing sales while guaranteeing that your music marks an impression among the officials’ charts. Securing chart record-for your music release is critical and it can only be achieved through a music distributor.

Before Selling Online, Take Ownership of Your Copyright
Make sure that each of your music releases is copyrighted and its masters is legally owned by you; this is a major part of selling your music online. Copyright proves to be significantly important in permitting your songs for TV or other Film Industry Uses. In case a licensing company likes your music and wishes to use it but they have to wait until your copyrights and legalisation work is done, that can prove to be a real turn off for your otherwise successful career. Not every company will spend their time waiting. Therefore, copyrights is necessary to be considered earlier during the music distribution process for selling your music successfully.

Augmenting Online Music Sales
Considering the extra services that most Music Distribution companies offer, you can be assured to avail each of these services that provide augmented royalties under one roof. MusicDigi is one of the leading independent digital music distribution company which offers tons of bonus features like iTunes Pre-order and Spotify Windowing, evidently elevating your sales trends and your earned royalties. Both these tools along with radio airplay promotion and YouTube monetisation are proven tactics to promote and sell music online.