How to Find the Best Local Businesses to Support Your State

With so many businesses going out of state, it’s a good idea to help Florida state jobs and local businesspeople by staying loyal to companies operating there. It provides a warm feeling to give your support to local businesses that in turn employ many people living and working in the area.

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Finding quality companies to deal with across Florida isn’t always easy. Our state is vast, so it’s impossible to know all the reputable businesses that operate there and the ones that come recommended. Therefore, here are a few suggestions for how to find the better local businesses.

Use a Florida Directory

Looking up a Florida business directory on the internet is like the old Yellow Pages back in the day. However, rather than only seeing a few scant details about a business, this website provides the full contact details, a map to the location, photos, and a complete description (not just a couple of lines) all about the business. Whether they sell certain products or offer a string of services to Floridians, it’s all explained in detail.

The better businesses are spotlighted on the home page, making it easier to find recommended ones in different categories, like legal, travel, real estate, healthcare, weddings, and much more.

Word of Mouth

Talking to friends, neighbors and work colleagues is another great way to get recommendations. If they’ve just had some orthodontic work done for one of their children or had a legal case handled well, they’ll often be happy to make a recommendation. Many businesses without a substantial marketing budget survive and prosper off the back of positive word of mouth from customers.

Word of mouth is also highly trusted compared to advertising because it’s unbiased. Also, the better you know the person who’s making the recommendation about a local business, the more convinced you are to try them out for yourself.

Groups and Forums

When searching Google for Florida-based information, you can usually find a local discussion forum or Reddit subreddit covering the Sunshine State. Florida-based discussion forums are broken down into different message boards for areas of need, e.g. News, Places of Interest, Business recommendations, etc.

Facebook is also worth searching. There are plenty of Facebook groups where local people swap tips and recommendations. Once you are a member, posting a question looking for a couple of recommendations is likely to get several replies back, both positive and negative, about businesses to try out and ones to avoid based on recent experience.

It’s also possible to cross-reference any recommendations by looking up their business website, checking out their reputation on the Better Business Bureau, and reading any Google reviews posted by customers.

It takes time to build up a reputable list of businesses to deal with in Florida. We all have our favorites, but sometimes one or more companies relocate or unfortunately go out of business. Then we’re forced to find a suitable replacement. Using the suggested resources above, that shouldn’t be too difficult now.