How Can You Improve the Thickness of Your Brows?

It seems every woman these days wants thick and luxurious brows but everyone does not experience the same level of brow growth, particularly if they have over-plucked in the past or experienced certain health concerns. Thankfully, there are products that contain eyebrow hair thickening fibers. These thickeners maximize the thickness of the brows, allowing a woman to feel confident in her appearance. With these tips, individuals will know how to use these products to properly frame their eyes with their brows.

It is important this product is used precisely so the brows will look their very best and the results will be lasting. The first step is to apply the wax that comes with the kit. It is imperative the wax is only applied to the brow because everywhere it is applied, the eyebrow fibers will stick to it. A woman should attempt to paint her brows with the wax as if she were recreating their exact shape, being careful not to go outside the lines.

The next step in the process is using the rounded brush to apply the brow fibers. These are tinted to match the color of the brows for the most natural look. They need to be applied to sparse areas first so they can be filled in. In some cases, the fibers will need to be applied more than once until the desired thickness is achieved. Taking time in the application process is vital for the best results.

Once the fibers have been applied, they will typically stay in place for about sixteen hours but can be washed away when needed. This allows a woman to look her very best all day long and have confidence in the appearance of her brows.

It may take practice when a woman first begins using eyebrow thickening fibers. This product is fairly easy to apply, even for beginners. Aside from the right application methods, it is important a person keeps their brushes properly cleaned so they will be able to apply the wax and fibers for the best results.

This product gives a woman the beautifully thick brows they long for, without causing damage to the natural hair. With these tips, you can rest assured your brows will look more beautiful than ever before.