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Importance of AA Coins and Medallions

The Alcoholic Anonymous coins anonymously show the membership of recovering alcohol addicts. To some recipients, the coin is a sentimental item that shows the progress they have made in the journey against alcoholism while to others it is just a formality. The journey of possession of coins begins with a silver colored aluminium coin that celebrates sobriety for the first twenty-four hours. It is a great encouragement for newcomers and encourages repeat relapsers that there is still hope. An interesting observation is that the chip is carried for life as a reminder of how the whole process began.

The practice dates back to the 1940s when members of AA clubs gave each other a form of plastic to commemorate the various periods of sobriety. As time went by coins were made to serve the same purpose and some clubs even use medallions to mark the different milestones in recovery. The amazing fact is that after the twenty-four hour chip, there are other chips with different colors to commemorate different durations of sobriety. It is worth noting that at a basic level all, the coins are made of aluminium while some clubs use coins made from other materials like wood and precious metals. Another funny fact is that the use of customized coins shows the receiver that the coin is a special gift to them. No matter the material that the coins are made from the coins are a subtle reminder of the commitment of the individual to themselves and not to the group that they will be faithful in this journey. It is worth highlighting that the other coin colour codes include the following: red anodized aluminium chip that marks one month, a gold anodized medallion to mark two months, an emerald green anodized coin to commemorate a quarter a year or three months, a dark blue aluminium token or a blue plastic poker chip to mark half a year or six months and a purple aluminium chip to mark nine months. It is undoubtedly true that on reaching the one-year mark of continuous sobriety, anniversaries are usually marked with yearly bronze tokens, which consist of medallions often called ‘heavy metal’ due to their weight and the significance. It is a known fact that the annual bronze medals are awarded by sponsors together with cake and some advice to the recipient.

The common features of AA tokens include the following: Length of time of sobriety stamped on coin center, the words “To Thine Own Self Be True”, Alcoholic Anonymous circle and triangle motif, The three pillars of Service, Unity and Recovery and the Serenity Prayer printed on the reverse side.

The truth is that irrespective of the time designed by a particular coin each token or coin carries with it a special message reminding the person of that day of sobriety that saved them from the possibility of dying drunk and that each sober day is a miracle worth celebrating.
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