Email marketing is one of the main sources of content marketing. It helps you to reach your target audience and provides new channels of growth for businesses. It opens up new horizons to digitally promote products. Though it is not a standalone source of digital marketing it is definitely a powerful tool. That is why companies spend a lot on email content and content writers/ designers.  But thankfully email marketing is not so expensive when compared to other forms of marketing.

It has its own advantages and disadvantages while promoting business.


Easy to choose target audience:

Customers who are genuinely interested in your product will give thir mail ids to you. This makes your job easy as you can send mails to only those who are willing to buy products. This helps you in choosing your target audience easily.

Choice of design:

Email marketing can be done in various ways. You can select among various ways of designs like small presentations, graphics, visuals or plain text whichever fits your product.

Reachable to all:

It can reach to any number of audiences, small or large.  You only have to focus on the content and design based on the target audience and the rest will fall in place.

Personal touch:

If you carefully design your content and letters then your customers will easily connect with you. It actually makes them pass a word about you to their friends and relatives as they know what your business is in to.

Increased sales:

There is a definite chance of increase in sales. If a customer likes your product you can make him/her your permanent customer by maintaining a decent relationship with emails.


Spam emails:

There are greater chances of spams with emails. If a customer feels that your emails are irritating him/her, he/she might put you to scam and you will never be able to send mails. Make sure that your marketing is under some privacy rules and is targeted to people who want to receive it. For example, it is useless to send mails on Pizza offers to a sixty year old as there are less chances of he availing it. The target audience here are youngsters.

Risks of non-delivery:

You should keep your marketing list up-to-date. Emails which use spam words as key words have more chances of being undelivered and are detected by email software. So it is important to keep the right email ids and updated addresses.

Design and size should not be complicated:

Some customers opt only for TEXT ONLY emails. In that case, emails that have designs will be a waste of delivery. Also some mails take lot of time to download if information is large. This makes customers frustrated and finally they lose interest.

Overall, it is important to plan and design email content tactfully so that it results in organisational growth.