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Mexico Current Events These are some of the current events in Mexico: An event reunites Mexican migrants with families they left behind when the northern border was opened. The event lasted only for three minutes and the unprecedented opportunity gave migrants a short time who had gone north to hug and hold family members who had stayed behind. This is a very good opportunity for families who have long separated to say their “hello” and be with their loved ones. Mexico ranked the second happiest after Costa Rica out of 140 countries as shown on the latest poll. Those who are living in emerging communities such as Mexico, achieve the same level of happiness comparing to those who live in more advanced countries. Mexico is ultimately an emerging economy, with the world-famous growing wine scene. Mexico also belongs to the top fifty restaurants in the world. You’ll be delighted to taste their traditional breakfast dish features lightly fried corn tortillas cut into quarters and topped with green or red salsa.
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Americans love avocado and the rising prices are due to deforestation in central Mexico, as pine farmers expanded their orchards to feed demand. In Michoacan, a state in Mexico that produces avocados, avocado trees flourish at the same climate and altitude as the fir and pine forests. This prompted the farmers to plant young avocado trees under the forest canopy, and then gradually cutting back the forest as the trees grow to give them more sunlight. Farmers love to plant and produce avocado because they earn much from it comparing to other crops. The Mexican government wants to address deforestation by educating its farmers on how to have responsible planting to preserve the existence of their forests.
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Outside of Mexico City, an alternative community with eco-village created a traveling artistic group that promotes learning from indigenous communities, they have created a sustainable community that they believe can be a model for the rest of the world. In an ancient city in Mexico, there lies the world’s biggest pyramid that collapsed a thousand years ago. Many scholars investigated and created their own assumptions about this site in central Mexico from then on. Mexicans in this central part of the state where the pyramid is located worship water, as these scholars believed, and this challenges the notion that the people of the area worshiped various deities of equal importance, such as the god of time, the god of fire and several gods of water. Teotihuacan, the historic and mystical place is in a semiarid plateau surrounded by mountains 30 miles northeast of Mexico City. For more news on Mexico, always visit the web for up-to-date current events and news affecting Mexico.