9 things you should know to be violin perfectionist

The violinists, like other instrument players, never satisfied with mediocre performance.  They wish to be perfectionists. Though journey learning never ends, practice makes a person near perfection. It can be a bit overpowering to establish any concrete way to acquire everything of the playing violin to be a perfectionist.

Here, 9 suggestions will help you to improve your violin skill.

  1. Select right tools

Every violist need to select a right instrument to start with the playing of violins.  Decent instrument in proper size, worthy bow, rosin, music stands, metronome, clicking pendulum indicating the exact beat of music, adequate lighting in the performing area.

In regard to sizes of the instrument it is not always same with age. Sometimes it depends on size and stature of the player.

  1. Get a good guide

After you get the right instrument, right teacher is needed. On your journey to be a violinist you need to find a good instructor. Contact with regional symphony if they can help you find one ukulelebuzz lessons

  1. Set up daily practice

If you don’t use anything, you will lose it. This is also true with violin. The practice must be dome daily for fixed hours. For example, daily 2 hours. It is not proper to practice 3-5 hours twice in week.

  1. Listen first

One of the effective ways to learn a musical composition is to listen to the melodies. Ask your teacher to play the instrument before you and/or you can record it to play later. Also you search it or any other on You Tube.

  1. Re-listen

Once you have listened to the music that you learnt, in others instruments, attempt to record it to check if it is being played as you thought it to be. We should listen to it as an objective audience member. You can listen also the playbacks of your own music. This method helps you to fix the areas where you need to work more.

  1. Play for other people

After you listen to others, now it is the time to play for other people. Take it further. Ask all of your family members, including some of your friends, to sit down and listen to your performance. In your bid to play for others, you can choose to play for the church or other nonprofit event.

  1. Mix up your instrument

Never confined yourself all the time in playing violin. Never practice for a long time, rather divide it for two different projects. It will not only help you to focus on the playing of instrument, but also help you to learn the other gamut applying your same skill. It’ll wake up your finger and help you to warm up for the small section. So, playing a short musical composition by taking a short spell of time out of your violin session, will help you a lot to concentrate more.

  1. Reaching out

Find out other violinists in your neighborhood to share your experiences. Look in the schools, orchestras, community band, street festival, Local churches and may be it is your next door neighbor.  The greatest joy of the musicians is to make music for others. You can meet a group of players in a chamber to play music together. It might lead you form a group to be performed in any wedding party or local celebration where you might be able to earn a few bucks

  1. Take a Time-out

Once you spend a spell of time in violin playing sessions, take some rests, at least a day off to recharge you with renewed vigor. It sends your brain and muscles to relax. It settles everything afresh. When you are taking rest, the subconscious mind keeps the processing on. Surprisingly, you will be able to perform which you couldn’t.

More to you:  

Always keep on revitalize yourself by sharing with others. Make your violin family big to bigger by taking in others to group.