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Here Are The Guidelines For People That Want To Write Fanfiction Most readers that read fanfiction for the first time were really shocked. But, when readers read into the story, they will become more amazed and very interested. Fanfiction was created to pay tribute to their favorite writers and their characters that they have created. They made stories with people that has different level of educational attainment. Here are the tips in writing your own fanfiction: A. You must know your own canon
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What is canon?
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Canon is the main story, the movie, the show and the book that was created by writers. The reason why these people are writing fanfictions stories is because they want to really get to know the world and the characters that was created by the writer. It is crucial that you do not mess the world that was made by the writer. In order for you not to distract your readers. B. You must start by asking “What if” Asking “what if’, can help you in starting your story. Example, what if a certain character will transform into a vampire or a wolf? These questions are really helpful in creating a story. C. Do not be scared with topics that are difficult There are plenty of adults in the world of fanfiction that has complex rating systems. That is why you should not be scared to ask questions that are crazy and difficult. D. You must not forget about warnings. You can indicate the topics that your readers will read about in the summary part, especially of you are writing about topics that are really sensitive. There are actually readers that are afraid of writing about sensitive topics. E. You must find and have a beta What is the meaning of a beta? The beta is known as the editor and proofreader. A beta is important and very necessary. The beta will be in charge in checking the mistakes that you made. Even professional writers should have a proofreader or an editor that will check what you wrote. Even if you are a really experienced writer, there will be some things that you might not see. It is good if you have a second set of eyes that will overlook your work. F. Do not ever apologize for your work It is really important that you do not tell your readers, that you are sorry because this is not that good because it is my first time, these words must not be included in your summary part. If you believe in yourself then you do not need to worry. G. Giving and receiving reviews Reviews can really help fanfiction writers. One way how you can get a review is by giving a review.